The most titled wireless security system in Europe

Ajax is smart, reliable and lightning fast. She reacts only to real dangers, and not to false alarms. If something happens, Ajax will instantly notify you and help prevent serious problems.

Scares away thieves

Fire prevention

Stops the flood

Shows video from cameras

Controls appliances

The Ajax Security System mobile application turns a security system into a user-friendly gadget. Arm Ajax with a few taps. Turn on appliances on the way home. Receive notifications instantly through the SwiftAlerts high-speed protocol, which modern messengers will envy.

Click-click - and the house is guarded

View the list of events in the notification stream

Learn about alarms instantly using push, sms or call

Monitor device performance in real time

Receive reminders for arming and disarming

Change device configurations from a distance

Attackers will not go unnoticed

Ajax sensors accurately detect intrusion in less than a second. The devices are armed with digital algorithms and multi-factor models of hazard recognition, which in addition reduce false alarms to zero

Against fire, smoke and carbon monoxide

Ajax quickly recognizes a fire by the first signs: smoke or a sharp increase in temperature when the fire burns without smoke. An additional CO sensor instantly triggers if the level of carbon monoxide exceeds the norm.

HazeFlow digital algorithm double-checks smoke before sending an alarm

Sensors are tested by touching the housing and through the mobile application

Not a drop of problems

Ajax raises the alarm on first contact with moisture and cancels it after the water dries. The sensors are designed taking into account the effects of water on the devices: they are not susceptible to corrosion, protected from dust and moisture.

Home Surveillance in Full HD

Video cameras are connected to Ajax, which transmit the picture of what is happening to your smartphone. When an alarm comes or you want to make sure that everything is in order, just open the mobile application.

Broadcasts live video

Works with popular IP cameras

Installation without dust and noise

The Ajax security system is designed with practicality in mind. Therefore, to install you need a smartphone, a minimum of tools and time. If you rent a house, the system will be able to move to a new house with you.

Protection against accidents and unforeseen risks

Backup battery

Provides up to 15 hours of battery life if power failure

Device authentication

Unique identifier excludes sensor spoofing

Hopping frequencies

Switches frequencies to withstand jamming and air noise

Radio encryption

The floating code algorithm protects data from interception and forgery

Four communication channels

The system uses Ethernet, 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi to send alarms

Sensor Poll

Devices confirm operability by reporting to the hub at least every 12 s

Choose who will guard your peace

Ajax accepts numbers of security companies around the world on the remote control. By connecting the system to the monitoring console, the owner continues to receive notifications, and professional security guards leave for an alarm.

The company has a video surveillance system of the company Dahua & Hikvision

© All Rights Reserved 2020

© All Rights Reserved 2020