Customer relationship management

Centralized management system for projects, clients, tasks, finances.


Home and Business Call Center

An excellent choice for organizing a call center. Quickly, efficiently, professionally.


In every home, office, shop and enterprise.

Do you have an apartment, a country house, a villa, a hotel, an office, a factory? Do you care about stability, speed, safety and reliability of equipment? We have professional networking solutions just for you!


Personal file cloud

Work, keep, listen, watch and have fun 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Forget storing files on your computer! Upload to your own cloud, share files and impressions! Access from any mobile and stationary device.


Smart alarm and video surveillance systems

Smart alarm system + sensors of various factors and all this without wires? Yes! Smart video surveillance with access for any device from anywhere in the world? Yes!

Smart panels

Interactive touch screen panels

Take the life of your company to a new level, provide students with new unlimited opportunities in education, simplify the life of public services, place orders with one touch, advertise a product with interactive capabilities, sell and buy as never before. 

The possibilities are endless.


Web & Application development

Do you need an elegant but effective application or complex for serious work? No problem! We will qualitatively write the code according to your desire!

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