How many photos and videos do you take each day? Are you running out of space on your phone or laptop? Our constant problem is that the number of our digital files continues to increase, and these files are distributed across different devices and services. To consolidate these files in one safe place, you need a reliable and centralized data storage solution.


Auto backup PC and Mac

Drive allows your family to sync files between a centralized NAS device and a PC / Mac. Drive supports the restoration of previous versions of files and allows you to share files directly from local computers for maximum convenience. If you are using a Mac, you can also back up your Mac to your Synology NAS using Time Machine.

Back up photos and videos for iOS and Android devices

All your family photos and videos taken on mobile phones can be automatically copied to one personal folder on your NAS using Moments. Most importantly, photos are automatically grouped together by faces, places, and objects using powerful AI technology.

Using your NAS as an excellent media player

Want to watch videos on computers, mobile devices, Apple TV devices, and Android TVs without copying them between devices? Video Station streams video to these devices. In addition, this application complements your video collections with automatically downloaded posters, searches for subtitles on the Internet, and also allows you to share videos with friends.

Instant file sharing and file collection creation

Share files stored on your NAS device with your friends instantly. Just right-click on the file or folder and select Share File Links or Create File Requests, and a link will be created. Your friends can follow the link to download the selected file or folder or upload files to the NAS device – regardless of the availability of a DSM account.

NAS is a simple and cost-effective solution

Synology provides a variety of time-saving services. Just send a request for QuickConnect ID, with which you can quickly access your NAS without having to make complex router settings. An intuitive user interface and detailed manuals also help you easily manage your NAS. Tired of updating your public cloud storage plans? Synology NAS provides much more storage without a monthly subscription fee. Just share your storage space with family members – a small investment that will be beneficial for the whole family.

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